Drift Ghost XL Firmware update Version - Date 25 08 2020

Drift Ghost XL Firmware update Version 

Date 25 08 2020

For download follow the link:  

- Improved audio quality 
- Support auto Discovery Protocol  
- Support live streaming to third party platforms  
- Press and hold middle button to exit live stream mode 
1. Download the ‘Ghost_XL.bin’ file from the respective Dropbox folder.
2. With the microSD card inserted, plug your Drift camera into your computer (MAC or PC) using the supplied USB cable.
3. Your camera should show as an External Device with the ‘Drift Card’ Micro SD card being visible as a storage device.
4. Copy the ‘Ghost_XL.bin’ file into the root folder of your Micro SD card – beside the DCIM folder.
5. Safely eject your camera as a storage device from your computer.
6. Power on the camera and wait for it to automatically update itself; you will see an ‘upgrading firmware’ message. This should take a few seconds and the camera will automatically power off afterwards.
7. Power the camera on again, and wait a few seconds for it to restart automatically.
8. After this is complete, navigate to the settings menu and check the firmware version to ensure the firmware has been successfully updated


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