Info on : Drift HD action cameras in Belgium and surrounding countries.

The webshop ADREN - online ( is an initiatif from Kris Nijs. Kris is since 1989 active in the outdoorsports-sector; delta- and hanggliding, climbing, caving, mountainbike, skydiving, kajak etc. As foundar and president of the outdoor-organisation Adventure and Sports Promotion (ASP) he organised introduction- and initiationactiviteities for hondreds of participants to give them the occasion to taste outdoor extreme expieriances. Proffesional obligations made it impossible to continue the outdoor-association but the passion for the sector was never gone. By starting this shop we want to transform our knowledge and expieriance in an initiatif where action-minded people can buy a selection of high quality products with much attention for custumerfriendly-ness and a perfect service! Our most important product are the action cameras invented and produced by Drift Innovation (UK). We believe they are the best on the market. Other 'outdoor'-products are completing our product-range. We love to hear your comments and suggestions. Thanks for trusting our team and initiative.


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