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Action Cameras

Drift Innovation is a wearable Point of View Camera product company offering consumers wide-angle recording capabilities to capture all their adventures and activities. Designed with smart real life use features, it is highly recommended by the specialists in outdoor sports, motor-, air- and snow-sports. Drift captures the action from the every individual’s point of view and offers easy ways to share and re-live the experience with friends and family.

Their action cameras have either a built-in LCD screen and / or WiFi - in combination with the Drift Life App - making it possible to see live what you will record.

The build-in LCD screen makes adjusting your canera very easy. The wireless remote control allows you to capture only these images you really want. Using micro SD memory cards up to 128 GB makes 30 hours (HD 1080p) video capturing possible. These easy to use cameras, together with their almost endless accessories wil make you choose for Drift HD action cameras.

Drift HD Ghost: Share Your Vision from Drift on Vimeo.